Sustainable Development


Preserving Delta's natural assets is particularly important. As such, Environmentally Sensitive Areas have been designated to protect the environmental values of these special areas for the future.

In Delta, the foundation for environmental planning is Delta's Official Community Plan (OCP). The OCP outlines the long term vision of the community and provides guidance for decision-making. It also contains policies regarding land use, development, services, amenities and infrastructure.

Delta’s Green Growth Index (2 MB) has been created to encourage developers to go green. When the City of Delta receives development applications, the applications are reviewed for environmental issues such as ecosystem services, tree preservation, stream side protection, habitat enhancement for wildlife and fish, and for protection from hazardous conditions such as steep slopes or areas prone to flooding. Please see Environmental Permits for more information.

Stormwater is water from rain and melting snow that is not absorbed into the ground. There are many opportunities for property owners to manage stormwater within their properties. Metro Vancouver has developed a Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management which provides information on stormwater management features and how to maintain them.

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