Commercial Dog Walking

North 40 Park Reserve


Delta is designating space at the North 40 Park Reserve for commercial dog walking activities, where more than two dogs (to a maximum of four dogs) will be allowed off-leash at a time.

With community feedback from the North 40 Park Reserve Survey completed in May 2016, we've created the following terms and conditions to form the basis of a new commercial dog walking policy.

Licenced commercial dog walkers:

  •  Must have a valid Delta business licence.
  • Must carry a valid insurance policy with a minimum of $5 million liability coverage and naming the City of Delta as an additional insured.
  • Must take a course on responsible dog handling, or be able to prove that they have already taken a training course; both to the satisfaction of the Manager of the Delta Animal Shelter.
  • Must purchase an annual permit issued by the Manager of the Delta Community Animal Shelter.
  • Must be 19 years of age or older.
  • Must wear clothing (vest/shirt) that identifies them as a licenced commercial dog walker.
  • Must immediately muzzle and leash any dog that acts in an aggressive manner.
  • Must leash any dog that is unable to respond; that is not "under control."
  • Must pick up after all dogs in their care and act as responsible custodians of the park.
  • Must be respectful of all other park users and obey all park signs.
  • Must have suitable transportation to ensure the health and safety for all animals in their care.

Additional terms and conditions:

  •  If a dog under a commercial dog walker's care has a history of being aggressive, that dog is not allowed off-leash at any time.
  • Each commercial dog walker is allowed up to eight dogs; four of the eight are allowed off-leash at a time.
  • All dogs must remain on-leash until they are within the designated commercial dog walking space within the park.
  • All dogs must wear a vest or tag that identifies them as part of the commercial dog walking group (the vest or tag must match the handler's identification).
  • Days and times that commercial dog walking can take place at the park:
    Monday–Friday, 9–11 am & 2–4 pm | Saturday, 10 am–1 pm
  • Commercial dog walking is not allowed at the park on Sundays or statutory holidays at this time.
  • All outstanding fees and fines owed to Delta must be paid, prior to issuance of the Delta commercial dog walking permit.

Commercial dog walking annual permit fee: $500 plus tax


If you would like to submit feedback or have questions regarding the terms and conditions of Delta's new Commercial Dog Walking policy, please email and include the subject line: Commercial Dog Walking by April 30, 2017.

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