Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor George V. Harvie has decided to put the Mayor’s Housing Task Force for Scott Road on pause. Despite the importance of the Task Force, Delta’s response to the pandemic is the priority for Council and staff for the foreseeable future. The Mayor’s Housing Task Force for Scott Road remains an important priority for Council and staff and we look forward to continue the process as soon as the current public health crisis subsides.

The Task Force shall operate under the following Guiding Principles:

  • Recognize that there is a need to provide housing for all ages, abilities and income levels.
  • Ensure affordable housing choices to support all residents, with specific attention to young families and seniors and helping keep generations together in their community.
  • Respect the need for an appropriate pace for change while also recognizing the urgency of addressing the most pressing housing needs of the community.
  • Foster complete and welcoming communities, where housing types are integrated, where residents can feel at home and have access to transit, amenities and services to meet their diverse needs.
  • Work collaboratively with residents on a plan that is supported, that strengthens community cohesion and brings people together in an understanding of our common values.


The Task Force will, consistent with the general purposes described above, provide advice to Council on the following:

  • Establish a vision for future land uses in the Scott Road corridor, including major nodes near future RapidBus stops and transition areas.
  • Recommend actions to promote and incentivize the development of diverse and affordable housing options.
  • Recommend actions to provide greater land use certainty, considering a range of options and opportunities, including streamlining land use designations, pre-zoning certain lands, introducing rental tenure zoning, updating form and character guidelines, exploring density bonus tools, etc.
  • Recommend actions to ensure the delivery of neighbourhood amenities required to support new housing.
  • Seek broader public and community feedback on the vision and future for housing along the Scott Road Corridor.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Task Force are provided in the following staff report: Mayor's Housing Task Force for Scott Road.

Meeting Schedule

The Task Force shall meet one or two times per month, at the call of the Chair, over a period of approximately six (6) months. The first meeting was completed on March 2, 2020. Please note that no additional meetings will be scheduled until it is safe to proceed with the work of the Task Force.

View the March 2, 2020 Mayor's Housing Task Force for Scott Road meeting Agenda.


The Task Force shall consist of the following members appointed by the Mayor, who shall serve without compensation as follows:

  • Mayor George V. Harvie, Chair
  • Councillor Bruce McDonald, Vice Chair
  • Councillor Dan Copeland, Council Liaison
  • Councillor Jeannie Kanakos, Council Liaison
  • Emma Adams
  • Stephen Brar
  • Justin Dhaliwal
  • Timothy Doling
  • Alexandra Hughes
  • Pawanjit Joshi
  • Shruti-Prakash Joshi
  • Debra Knowles
  • Linda Lavers-Erickson
  • Sarvjot Locham
  • Brian McKenna
  • John McQuade
  • Dennis Ostler
  • Kaylie Wong

Members of the non-profit housing sector and/or the development sector may be asked to participate in specific activities as content experts.

Staff Contact

Questions regarding the Mayor’s Housing Task Force should be directed to:

Mike Ruskowski, Senior Planner
t: 604-946-3382

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