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Delta's Secondary Suite Program


As of the October 16, 2017 Regular Meeting of Delta Council, a business licence is required for all secondary suites in Delta, unless the suite is unoccupied or is occupied by immediate family. In order to obtain a business licence a property owner must first obtain a Secondary Suite Occupancy Permit which requires that the suite meet health and safety standards. New applications to obtain a Secondary Suite Occupancy Permits can be made through the Community Planning & Development Department. The annual cost of a business licence is $50. Payment is not required until the application has been received and processed. Failure to obtain a business licence as required is $500.

At the February 20, 2017 Regular Meeting, Council unanimously voted to make the following changes to Delta’s Secondary Suite Program, which take effect immediately:

  • Secondary Suite Declarations will continue to be accepted in 2018.
  • The $300 annual reduction in flat rate utility fees will continue to be offered to secondary suites with an Occupancy Permit.
  • All properties that contain a secondary suite are now required to have a water meter installed. Existing unmetered suites will have a water meter installed at no cost to the property owner by the end of 2018, with priority given to those who have signed a Secondary Suite Declaration. By 2019, all properties with secondary suites will pay water and sewer charges based on consumption.

Legalizing a Secondary Suite

All applications to install or legalize an existing Secondary Suite will require a building permit issued through the Community Planning & Development Department. The Community Planning & Development Department can be reached at 604-946-3380 or through TalkDelta.

The requirements to legalize a secondary suite through the Community Planning & Development Department can be found here.

For secondary suite parking requirements, see the Secondary Suite Parking Guide.

Secondary Suite Hotline

If you have a question or concern regarding a secondary suite, please call the Secondary Suite Hotline: 604-952-3159.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Secondary Suite Non Rental Annual Declarations

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Water Meters

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  • When will Delta install a water meter on my property?
  • Why does a water meter have to be installed on my property?
  • Is the water meter for the secondary suite only or the entire property?
  • Is there a charge for the water meter installation?
  • I do not want a water meter. What happens now?
  • What are the benefits of a water meter?

Garbage and Recycling

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Secondary Suite Search

Use the tool below to search for Delta properties with a valid business licence to operate a secondary suite.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided by this inquiry is for general information and convenience purposes only. While we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, the City of Delta makes no representations or warranties about the completeness, accuracy, reliability or suitability of the information for your purposes.

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