At the end of February, residential property owners receive an annual Flat Rate Utility Bill for garbage and recycling services. Water and sewer services are either included on the annual Flat Rate Utility Bill, or in separate quarterly Metered Utility Bills. 

Each year, the City of Delta diligently assesses utility fees based on the cost of providing
water, sewer, and solid waste services to our community. As a member municipality of
Metro Vancouver, we actively contribute to regional operations to ensure the safety and
sustainability of our water supply and wastewater infrastructure.

The City of Delta’s 2024 utility rates have been established to maintain the delivery of
current services and support the ongoing management of sustainable infrastructure such
as watermain and sanitary upgrades, our sewer inflow/infiltration program, and water
conservation initiatives. Solid waste utility fees cover the collection and disposal of garbage,
green waste, and recyclable materials, including Delta’s Spring Clean-Up and Large Item
Pick-Up programs.

For 2024, residents will notice a $95 increase in flat rate utility fees, bringing the total to
$1,357 for a single-family home, compared to $1,262 in 2023. This increase breaks down as
follows: $64 for Metro Vancouver's regional water and sewer operations and infrastructure
costs, $22 for Delta's water and sewer utilities operations and infrastructure renewal, and
$9 for curbside collection contract increases for solid waste.

The following image provides a graphical breakdown of these utility fees.

2024 Flat Rate Utility Fees
2024 Delta Flat Rate Utility Fees

Flat Rate and Metered Utilities

Visit our how to pay property taxes and utilities to learn more about all our available payment options. Fee payment options include:

  • Online
  • Mail
  • Financial institution
  • Drop box
  • In person

How to Pay

Flat Rate Utility Declarations

Declarations are accepted until December 31 of the applicable year. Delta does not accept prior year declarations.

The penalty on an outstanding amount for eligible declarations will be waived if the declaration is submitted before September 2 of the applicable year (or the first business day thereafter).

The current year declarations are available after the Flat Rate Utility Bill has been mailed out in February.

Meter Reading Request Form

To request a special meter reading, please complete the following form:

Special Meter Reading Request Form