At the end of February, all residential property owners receive a Utility Bill.

Each year, the City’s utility user rates are based on the cost of providing water, sewer, and solid waste services to our community. As a member municipality of Metro Vancouver, Delta is also responsible for contributing to regional operations related to water and sewer services to help maintain our water supply and wastewater infrastructure.

For 2021, residents will see a $27 or 2.4% increase in your flat rate utility bill, for a total cost of $1,157 for a single family home – the next page provides a graphical breakdown of these utility fees. Metro Vancouver's regional water and sewer cost increases represent the bulk of this year’s utility rate increase, accounting for $22, or 80% of the 2021 utility fee increase. We continue to work with our regional counterparts to achieve sustainable financial planning strategies for Metro Vancouver’s regional water and sewer infrastructure to help mitigate financial impacts to Delta.

Utility Fees 2021
2021 Utility Fees Breakdown

Flate Rate and Metered Utilities

The water, sewer and solid waste rates are reviewed and amended by Council each year as required.

The flat rate and metered utility user rates are based on the costs of providing the specific utility. Major costs include the purchase of services from Metro Vancouver, debt repayment charges on money borrowed to construct the utility systems, contractual costs for garbage and recycling programs, contribution to capital for water and sewer distribution system improvements, and operating costs to maintain the systems. These costs are funded through user fees.

Visit our how to pay property taxes and utilities to learn more about all our available payment options. Fee payment options include:

  • Online
  • Mail
  • Financial institution
  • Drop box
  • In person

How to Pay

Flat Rate Utility Declarations

Declarations are accepted until December 31 of the applicable year. Delta does not accept prior year declarations.

The penalty on an outstanding amount for eligible declarations will be waived if the declaration is submitted before September 2 of the applicable year.

Meter Reading Request Form

To request a special meter reading, please complete the following form:

Special Meter Reading Request Form