Shelters in Delta



When is it available: 9 pm to 7 am
Where is it?: 4960 48th Ave., Delta, BC (Ladner United Church)
Who to call, if needed: (604) 599-8900 (OPTIONS Hyland House EWR Coordination)


In North Delta, Ladner, and Tsawwassen, Delta residents have spent winters observing people sleeping in cars and parks when there is serious danger of freezing and not known what to do.

Our response to this need is a: “Temporary Extreme Weather Shelter Program.” It will be operated in partnership with Ladner United Church, City of Delta, Options Community Services, Delta Police, Delta Fire, Deltassist and others.

Ladner United Church provides the location and volunteers for the extreme weather response shelter. The maximum capacity is 9 beds. Options Community Services provides trained, experienced shelter staff to work at the site during the extreme weather openings. Delta Police will transport people in the evening and they will leave in the morning on their own. The Delta Fire Department has inspected and approved the space for this purpose. Delta Council is supporting this program through startup costs associated with the shelter.  BC Housing provides operational funding of the program.

How will people who need shelter find out about it or be referred?

Delta Police, Homeless Outreach Services, Community members and others will seek out the homeless in our area and bring them to the shelter.


Ladner United Church
4960 48th Avenue, Delta, BC V4K 4X6
(604) 946-6254

BC Housing

Options Community Services

BC211 Shelter List

Azure Place - Delta Transition House

The Delta transition house for women and children fleeing violence opened on August 28, 2017.  It is located in Delta in an unidentified location and provides a safe home environment for women and their families who need a short-term place to stay during a time of crisis in their life.

What is a Transition House?

Transition homes provide short-term (approximately 30 day) housing for women and children needing to remove themselves from a crisis or dangerous situation.  Food, beds and emergency supplies are available to the residents as they work with counsellors, lawyers, police and others to make plans for their future safety.

How will women who need shelter find out about it or be referred?

Women can call the shelter directly or be referred by anyone in the community.  During a time of crisis often police, friends, or social workers may bring women and their children to a safe place to meet with staff who then bring them to the transition house.


Many community and womens groups in Delta were aware of the need for an emergency shelter for women experiencing domestic or other violence.  During the Spring and Summer of 2016, the South Delta branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women called together a committee of women representing Delta agencies, including the Delta Police, to raise the idea of contacting BC Housing regarding this need. 

Through the City of Delta, BC Housing and others, a home was identified and work began to prepare for the first clients. W.I.N.G.S. (Women in Need Gaining Strength) is a non-profit organization serving women throughout Metro Vancouver and they were awarded the operational contract with BC Housing.

Women staying at the shelter receive services offered by WINGS, housing staff, Deltassist, police, victims services and other social service agencies.  They are assessed and offered treatment or counselling as needed.  Families receive support in finding new housing if necessary and may be offered “second stage housing” (6 months – 1 year) as part of the process.


Azure Place - Delta Transition House
PO Box 33044 Nordel, Delta, BC V4C 8E6
(604) 957-1556

(604) 521-1888 

BC Housing

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