Pollution Prevention


Contribute to keeping Delta clean and Green. Learn how to prevent air, land and water pollution.


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  • Dust & Odour
  • Anti-Idling


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  • Pesticides
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Spill Response


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  • Storm Drains
  • Pools & Hot Tubs
  • Rain Gardens

Environmentally Responsible Best Practices &

Environmental Business Inspections

Commercial and industrial businesses in Delta are expected to operate in a manner that does not cause damage to the environment. A new program has been developed where Delta staff inspect businesses to ensure compliance with environmental bylaws, and provide education and advice on pollution management best practices. Inspections will be evaluating practices such as sanitary wastewater control, prevention of polluted water discharge in storm water systems, solid and hazardous waste management, chemical storage procedures, air emissions control, and noise control. 

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  • Environmentally Responsible Best Practice Questions for Your Business

Tips for specific industries:

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  • Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services Wastes
  • Painting and Decorating Wastes
  • Food Service Wastes
  • Wood Refinishing and Manufacturing Wastes
  • Concrete and Asphalt Wastes
  • Vehicle Washing Wash Water
  • Automotive Repair and Autobody Shop Wastes
  • Automotive Dismantlers and Parts Wastes
  • Environment & Sustainability

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