Rain Gardens at Delta Schools

View the presentation made by Deborah Jones of the Cougar Creek Streamkeepers to Mayor Lois E. Jackson and Delta Council. 

Rain Gardens


rain garden is an area of landscaping that collects water from streets and parking lots. The run-off water is cleaned and cooled before it reaches streams, which improves habitat for fish. Rain gardens help keep pollution out of streams and provide important urban habitat. 

Delta's Engineering Department has been working with local streamkeepers to design, install and maintain rain gardens at Delta's elementary schools. The first rain garden was installed at Cougar Canyon Elementary School in 2006. 

What is the Adopt-a-Rain-Garden Program?

Adopt-a-Rain-Garden is a garden maintenance program. Residents, families, local groups, clubs, and other organizations work with Delta to ensure our community's rain gardens are kept up and working properly. This program helps protect nearby fish habitat and keeps our neighbourhoods looking great.

Participating volunteers adopt a rain garden in their neighbourhood, pledging to perform simple garden maintenance (e.g. weeding) throughout the year to help keep our rain gardens healthy and beautiful. Volunteers work under the guidance of the Engineering Department, which provides volunteers with an initial orientation.

Rain Gardeners Classroom Programs

To enhance our green space, Delta has been installing rain gardens in and around Delta roadways and at several elementary schools. These rain gardens are designed to intercept storm water and allow it to infiltrate the soil for absorption by plants. 

Delta staff have developed a complementary rain gardener curriculum for Grade 4 and 5 students. The rain gardeners connect to their local watershed and raise awareness as to how everyday actions may impact nearby watercourses. The rain garden allows students to experience caring for nature by maintaining the garden.

Take a look at the amazing work done by students from Gray Elementary: 

If you would like more information on how to get a rain garden installed at your school, or have questions regarding your current garden, please email our Engineering Department

Delta also offers the Adopt-a-Rain-Garden program, which invites residents, families, local groups, clubs, and other organizations to work with Delta to ensure our community's rain gardens are kept up and working properly.

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