Pesticide Bylaw

Delta's Pesticide Use Control Bylaw No. 6788, 2009 regulates the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes and prohibits the use of chemical herbicides, insecticides and fungicides for aesthetic reasons. The Pesticide Bylaw does not apply to agricultural and commercial parcels of land. 

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For questions relating to this bylaw, please contact Climate Action & Environment at 604-946-3253 or by email.

Disposal of Unused Pesticides

Never dispose of leftover pesticides down the sink, into the toilet, or down a sewer or street drain. Pesticides may interfere with the operation of wastewater treatment systems and/or pollute waterways. Pesticides may harm fish, plants, and other living things if they reach a waterway.

Pesticides are accepted at:

Scott Road Bottle Depot
Unit #2-12111-86 Avenue in Surrey, B.C.

IMPORTANT: the Bottle Depot only accepts pesticides in containers that show both the poison symbol, if initially present, and the P.C.P. Act registration number. Any pesticide in a container that does not have these two pieces of information will not be accepted. Unlabeled or unknown pesticides will only be accepted by hazardous waste companies (fee required). Therefore, never transfer pesticides out of their original containers.

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