Curbside Collection Guide 2023

The new Curbside Collection Calendar is officially in effect as of February 1, 2023.

In January, Recycle BC made notable changes to its residential recycling program by expanding the accepted material list.

Examples of these newly accepted items include:

Recyclable with paper:

  • Paper party décor (paper decorations, signs, hats, tablecloths, pinatas)
  • Paper gift bags and boxes
  • Paper lunch bags
  • Cardboard moving, filing boxes

Recyclable with containers:

  • Plastic plates, bowls and cups
  • Paper plates, bowls and cups (with thin plastic lining)
  • Plastic food storage containers
  • Plastic cutlery and straws
  • Plastic hangers (that come with clothing)
  • Aluminum foil wrap
  • Aluminum foil baking dishes and pie plates
  • Metal storage tins (thin gauge)

Recyclable with flexible plastics (at depots only):

  • Plastic sandwich and freezer bags
  • Plastic shrink wrap
  • Flexible plastic drop sheets and covering
  • Flexible plastic bubble wrap (no bubble wrap-lined paper)
  • Flexible plastic recycling bags (blue, clear bags, or yellow or blue bags used for curbside collection)
  • Flexible plastic carryout shopping bags (reusable)

If you have any question regarding the contents of the guide, please contact the Engineering Department by email or call 604-946-3260.

To access the guide online, please visit Collection Schedule | City of Delta.