Heritage Conservation Protection

Heritage Conservation & Protection

Heritage properties provide an invaluable link to Delta’s foundation and the City recognizes the importance of preserving these properties. In May 2017, Council adopted Delta's Heritage Strategy. The Heritage Strategy includes an action plan that will guide Delta's efforts to protect and promote heritage until the year 2027. Learn more about the ways that Delta protects and conserves our heritage.

Heritage Planning

The following heritage "tools" may be used by Delta to protect heritage properties. Some tools are used to incentivize heritage protection and restoration projects. The incentives and level of heritage protection vary by the applicable tool and in some cases are negotiated on a site-by-site basis.

Heritage Properties

Delta encourages our community to discover, promote and protect our heritage. Delta and the Heritage Advisory Commission have created a number of self-guided tours and invite you to explore your neighbourhood's fascinating history:

Delta recognizes its heritage resources through an inventory, register and finally, by heritage designation. Find more information below.