Community Awareness Campaign Recognition

City of Delta welcomes your request to recognize a community awareness campaign of significance that has a direct connection to Delta residents. 

Community awareness campaign recognition request requirements:

  • Must submit request using online form at least four weeks prior to the requested date of community awareness campaign recognition.
  • Include the name and contact information of the individual or organization submitting the request.
  • Provide all relevant details (e.g., background information about recognition, dates of recognition, reasons for recognition, relevance to Delta) necessary for City of Delta to provide appropriate recognition.
Please read the Community Awareness Campaign Policy prior to submitting your request.
Community Awareness Campaign Recognition Period:
Choose the type of community awareness campaign that you would like recognized

Community awareness campaigns included on a BC Government Proclamation List within the last five years can be recognized at the discretion of the City Manager. Community awareness campaigns that are not included on the BC Government Proclamation List are considered Special Requests and can be recognized at the discretion of the Mayor and/or City Manager.

BC Proclamation List

Select Yes or No
Special requests that are considered to be defamatory, hateful, racist, violent, discriminatory, homophobic, sexist, disrespectful, offensive, commercial in nature, for profit-making purposes, political in nature, libelous, or contrary to Delta’s policies or bylaws will not be acknowledged or receive recognition.
Choose how you would like City of Delta to recognize your Community Awareness Campaign:
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