Outdoor Sports

The City of Delta boasts a vast array of over 70 athletic fields suitable for various types of play, including seasonal and tournament events. These fields cater to a diverse range of outdoor sports, including but not limited to softball, baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey and more.

Fields Usage & Maintenance  

In the City of Delta, we are dedicated to providing top-quality sports fields that cater to a diverse range of outdoor activities, including baseball, soccer, and more. Our region's mild climate allows year-round use of these fields, making collaboration between City staff, user groups, and the public essential for their maintenance. 

Our maintenance schedule is based on past experiences, with continuous monitoring of field conditions to make necessary adjustments. To provide the best possible turf quality, we strive to incorporate rest periods between periods of heavy field usage to allow for turf recovery.  

Understanding the importance of maintenance requirements and closures is crucial. 

This entails managing: 

  • The Total Playtime on Each Field: We carefully monitor and control the amount of play each field receives. 

  • Timing of Field Usage: We schedule the timing of field usage to maximize field availability, minimize wear and tear, and optimize maintenance impact.  

  • Rest Period Scheduling: We determine the optimal timing for each field's rest period, aligning it with the specific needs of the grass and access needs of field users.  

Individualized care is essential for each field, the following list outlines the procedures taken by the City of Delta Maintenance team to ensure the optimal maintenance of our sports fields.

How Your Team Helps 

Local sports associations play a crucial role in the upkeep of our sports fields in Delta. Through collaborative efforts, we can preserve the quality of our fields and consistently provide outstanding outdoor sports experiences in the City of Delta. Conducting regular reviews of field conditions before play and ensuring the return of equipment to its original location will further bolster the quality and longevity of our fields, enhancing the overall playing experience. 

Field Conditions  

The City of Delta provides a weekly status report of Delta municipal sports fields between the months of October and March. 

View the Field Condition Report

Facility Allocation Policy 

The Facility Allocation Policy of the City of Delta is designed to provide clear guidelines for staff and facility users, ensuring that facility allocation decisions are made fairly, equitably, transparently, and consistently. This policy prioritizes Delta residents' facility requests while accommodating non-Delta residents only after all local needs are met. It applies to both indoor and outdoor facilities, ensuring fair access for all user groups.

View the Facility Allocation Policy

Book a Field  

The City of Delta's goal is to ensure equitable distribution of permits for regulation-sized sports fields. This approach maximizes public access to these fields while striving to provide teams and leagues with consistent locations for their scheduled activities. 

To maintain fairness in the allocation of sports fields for organized play, any team or league wishing to use or book a field must acquire a Permit.

To Book a field/court or tournament, please complete the appropriate form in the links below. 

Sports Fields or Facility Season Request Fall 2024/Winter 2025

Sports Field or Court Requests 

Tournament Request Form

To inquire about booking a sports field, please email parkbookings@delta.ca or call 604-946-3308.

Informal use and pick-up games do not necessitate a permit, offering a more flexible option for casual play of outdoor sports. 

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Field Booking Fees

Field Type

Fees - Delta Resident Under 21

Fees - Delta Resident Over 21

Fees - All Others

Synthetic Turf Field – Hourly




Grass Field (Tier 1) – Hourly




Grass / All Weather Field (Tier 2) – Hourly




Field Cancellations

  • One-time seasonal bookings: Full refund issued if notification of cancellation is received within three working days of the booking.

  • No refund issued if notification of cancellation is received after three working days of the booking.

  • Tournaments: Full refund issued with three months’ notice of booking cancellation. No refund issued with less than three months’ notice.

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: Full refund issued if notification of cancellation due to weather is received three business days from booking date. No refund issued if notification of cancellation due to weather is received less than three business days from the booking date.

Lighting Fees

Field lighting fees apply as follows:

  • January, February, November & December – start at 4:00 pm

  • March & October – start at 5:00 pm

  • April & September – start at 7:00 pm

  • May & August – start at 8:00 pm

  • June & July – start at 9:00 pm

Field Lighting Fees

Field Lighting

Fees - Delta Resident Under 21

Fees - Delta Resident Over 22

Fees - All Others





Field Lighting Buttons

Certain field lights require push button activation for operation during your designated booking period. To find the push button for activation, please click on the link below.

Locate Field Lighting Buttons