Delta’s Social Profile

Delta’s Social Profile (2017), provides an overview of the Delta community, key demographic trends and identifies the agencies, government departments and organizations that contribute to the well-being of Delta citizens. The report includes an assessment of the social support system and identifies future goals and priorities. In the fall of 2017, Delta’s Social Action Plan for 2018 was developed based on the “next steps” identified in the Social Profile. 

Delta’s Social Profile – 2017

My Health My Community Survey

My Health My Community survey – the largest population health survey in B.C. conducted in 2013 by Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health, and the eHealth Strategy Office at the University of British Columbia. The survey is meant to create a set of baseline data that can be used to measure the on-going health and wellbeing of our communities and provide critical data to help support decision makers and service providers understand the trends, resourcing needs and health inequalities of the individuals who live and work in their communities.

My Health My Community: Delta Profile

Delta’s Community Profiles – Census