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Business Licences

All businesses in Delta require a licence to operate. This ensures all business locations are safe and meet land-use requirements. 

Business Licence Categories

Resident businesses 

Resident businesses operate from a location within Delta and may require inspection of the premises to ensure compliance with building, plumbing, fire, health, environmental control and zoning regulations. Our Business Licence staff will coordinate the required inspections once a completed application and payment has been received. The approval process usually takes a minimum of 15 business days.

Non-resident businesses 

Non-resident businesses have their offices located outside of Delta but carry on business within this Municipality. Inspection of the business location is not required and the Business Licence will usually be approved within three to five business days. 

Types of Licences / How to Apply

Explore the types of businesses that require a business licence.  Find out how to apply for a business licence, additional requirements, and other approvals you might need.

*Business Licences are non-transferable and non-refundable *