Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water is essential to our daily lives. We use it to cook, clean, nourish our bodies, and keep our gardens green and growing. However, it is important to use water appropriately and efficiently.

Delta's Water Conservation Initiatives

The City of Delta has a number of water conservation initiatives available for residents to take part in.

Lawn Watering Regulations

Stage 2 of Metro Vancouver's Drinking Water Conservation Plan is in effect from August 4 to October 15.

Stage 2 water use regulations prohibit lawn watering of any kind. Trees, shrubs and flowers may be watered any day from 5 am to 9 am if using a sprinkler, and on any day at any time if using a hand-held hose with automatic shut-off device, a soaker hose, water container, or drip irrigation. Violations may result in fines under Delta Water Service Bylaw No. 7441, 2016. Regulations apply to all properties including single-family and multi-family residential properties and commercial, institutional and industrial non-residential properties.

For more details visit Metro Vancouver Lawn Watering Regulations.

FAQ's: Lawn Watering Regulations