A street lined with row houses

Subdividing & Stratifying

The subdivision of land is a complex process set out by the provincial government that may require special expertise and a number of steps to get approval. The term subdivision includes the consolidation of properties; readjustment of an existing property line; creation of several lots from one or more parcels; and the creation of strata lots. Other than the stratification of a new multi-unit or tenant building, most subdivisions would require approval from Delta's Approving Officer as per the Land Title Act

    Subdivision Requirements

    See Delta's Subdivision Application Guide which includes an overview of the subdivision process. The Land Title Act requires that Council appoint an Approving Officer as the statutory official responsible for ensuring that subdivision applications comply with provincial statutes, regulations and Delta's bylaws regulating subdivision. In addition to meeting regulations and bylaw requirements, a subdivision must:

    • Have adequate road access to the subject property, lands beyond and water bodies
    • Have satisfactory servicing
    • Address potential hazardous conditions and environmental issues
    • Not unreasonably affect the established amenities of adjacent properties
    • Be suited to the configuration of the land
    • Not make future subdivision of adjacent land impractical
    • Not interfere with farms by actions or unnecessarily increase access to the Agricultural Land Reserve