Licensing & Permits

Licensing & Permits

Guardians often ask us, “Why should I licence my pet? It never leaves my yard!” While guardians like to believe that their pet will never go missing, chances are that your pet may wander off or accidentally get loose at some point in its life. A licence tag/band:

  • Reunites Lost Pets with Their Families: Each year, hundreds of animals are lost within the City of Delta. A licence tag or registration band dramatically increases the chance that a lost pet will be reunited with its owner. A tag/band makes it easier for Animal Control or concerned residents to track down the owner of a lost pet.
  • Is Cost Effective: In addition to an impound fee, owners are charged daily boarding fees for each day their pet stays at the Delta Community Animal Shelter. If your pet is picked up by Bylaw Inspectors & is wearing a licence tag/band, shelter staff will contact you immediately. To prevent boarding fees from adding up, you should retrieve your pet as soon as possible.

A licence/permit helps protect your pet by providing an easy-to identify tag and registration with the City of Delta. If your pet is lost, the fastest way to be reunited is by this licence.

Licence fees also help fund the Delta Community Animal Shelter which provides food, shelter and finds homes for stray animals in the City.

The first step to responsible pet ownership is licencing your pet. For the species specific requirements, click on the species below. It is a Bylaw Offence to not licence your pet.