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Photo Credit: Delta Archives, 2021-024-005. Courtesy of Delta Heritage Society

Donating to the Collection

At this time, the museum is reviewing its policies and procedures relative to collecting, and how the items collected can support our vision for the future where we tell comprehensive stories about all of Delta’s history and identity. If you have a cherished article that you feel will help us tell a vibrant, exciting story, please contact us and we will review the item together. All donations to the museum are being received by appointment only, by calling 604-952-3836 or emailing

There are many areas of interest that have been identified to enhance the collection. All items of historical value are considered as they arise. Areas of concentration for collecting over the next two years will be:

  • Fraser Estuary Resources
  • North Delta Development; especially Norwegian, Japanese, and South Asian
  • Foundational Delta Families
  • North Delta Municipal Infrastructure (for example, Recreation Centres, Sports Groups)
  • Annacis Island Development
  • Pre-1900 Community Development
  • Fishing in the Wake of Industry Depletion

Museum Collections Database

    School Programs

    Explore various aspects of our city’s history through a series of curriculum-relevant education kits for K-10 students focusing on Delta’s cultural and natural history. Through discussion, observation and hands-on experience with "touchable" artifacts from the museum's collection, these programs help bring our local history to life and add an extra dimension to the school curriculum. These kits are loaned out to your class for a three week period and are fully sanitized before and after.

    To register your class for a kit, or to find out more information about our programs, contact Kendall Kloosterman, Education Coordinator. T: 604-952-3838. E:

    Educational Kits


    Delta Museum volunteers play an important role in making our community’s history come alive. Volunteers are needed to help deliver the museum’s many programs and services. No experience is required to volunteer with the museum and training is provided. 

    Presently, we are not accepting Volunteer applications.


    Kendall Kloosterman, Education Coordinator
    T: 604-952-3838

    Kevin Hicks, Collections Assistant
    T: 604-952-3829

    Robert Sullivan, Cultural Services Manager
    T: 604-953-3540

    Michelle Taylor, Curator
    T: 604-952-3837