Social Action Plan

Delta 2023-2028 Social Action Plan was approved by Council on March 6, 2023. Close to 1,000 Delta residents and community partners provided their input and informed the Social Action Plan. For more information, contact


Delta's first Social Action Plan (SAP) was approved in 2018 and identifies goals and actions to enhance social supports and strengthen Delta's social fabric. Since that time, important progress has been made in creating and enhancing community partnerships and implementing actions that further Delta's goal to be a more inclusive, diverse and connected community.

In 2019, Council directed staff to update the plan to provide the City with a better understanding of community needs, pressures and gaps in service provision. It is also an opportunity to recognize community assets and identify key social planning priorities and actions to make Delta a more inclusive and healthy community. Additionally, an updated social action plan will assist in understanding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our community and systemic and emerging challenges faced by the City.

A SAP’s Public Engagement Summary provides a detailed overview of various public engagement processes that informed the plan. Visit our Virtual Engagement page at to learn more about public engagement activities for this project. For example, the City of Delta partnered with teachers and administrators from Delta School District (DSD) and SFU students to develop a toolkit to support DSD educators in engaging K-12 students in the classroom to participate in the SAP - Phase 2 Update. Download the Guide for Delta Educators.