Homes and development


Regulations within the Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision and Development Standards Bylaw, and Sign Bylaw may be varied through issuance of a Development Variance Permit or in some cases, approval by the Board of Variance.

Note: Variances cannot be considered for:

  • permitted use of land or buildings;
  • allowable density; or
  • minimum floodplain specifications.

While Development Variance Permit requests require Council's consideration, in certain cases, variances may be considered by Delta's Board of Variance. See the How to Apply page for application requirements and submission instructions.

Development Variance Permits (DVP)

DVPs are subject to Council approval and generally considered where the site characteristics or other unique circumstances do not permit strict compliance with an existing regulation. The following Development Variance Permit Application Guide is meant for general guidance only. The process may change dependent on each individual application.

Apply for a Development Variance Permit


Board of Variance (BOV) Appeal

As an alternative to a DVP, a person may apply to have their request considered by the BOV. The BOV is a Board of five community members who may consider variances under certain parameters including that the request is minor and that there is hardship. Where the request is found not to be minor or there is no hardship, the BOV may deny the appeal.  See below link for application requirements and guide.

Apply for Board of Variance