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Standards of Care in Delta

Delta's Animal Control Bylaw ensures that dogs and other pets are treated humanely. City of Delta Bylaw Inspectors enforce the Bylaw to ensure that pets are properly cared for. While in our primary goal is education over enforcement, animal guardians who do not provide humane care can be levied fines & penalties pursuant to the Bylaw, ranging from $100.00 to a maximum of $2,000.00.

Injured or Orphaned Wildlife Concerns

The Delta Community Animal Shelter believes that our community should live in harmony with the natural environment and that each Delta resident can become empowered with the realization that they can make a difference in preserving our wildlife habitats. Please leash your dog in sensitive habitat areas so that your dog is unable to disturb the many nesting birds and wildlife in our community.

Should you find an injured or orphaned wildlife please contact one of the many wildlife care facilities available to help (click on name to take you to their website):



Learn more from the Stanley Park Ecological Society's webpage: Coexisting with Coyotes

Injured Wildlife

Stellars Jay

Found an injured wild animal? Visit BC Wildlife Rescue's page to learn more!

Avian Influenza


Concerns about Avian Influenza? Check out the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's webpage for more information

Leash Optional Opportunities

Learning Centre

Part of the Delta Community Animal Shelter initiative is to help educate the public on animal care and support. The Learning Centre is where you will find various types of information on animal care including care sessions that we regularly conduct at the shelter.