Swim for Life

Starting January 1, 2023, Delta will be replacing the Canadian Red Cross Swim Program with the Lifesaving Society's Swim for Life Program!

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Delta will be hosting a variety of registered public swimming opportunities and swimming lessons at Winskill Aquatics & Fitness Centre, Ladner Leisure Centre, and Sungod Recreation Centre

Drop-in Swimming Schedules

Sungod Recreation Centre 

Ladner Leisure Centre

Winskill Aquatics & Fitness Centre

Aquafit Descriptions

Take a look at our variety of drop-in Aquafit classes! 

Pool Safety & Etiquette 

  • Children under the age of seven must be within arm's reach of an adult (16+ years) at all times. 1 adult to a maximum of 3 children.
  • Outside shoes are not allowed on the pool deck; they can track dirt and germs which contaminate the pool. Please go barefoot or wear non-slip footwear when on the pool deck. 
  • Always remember to walk on the deck. Do not run.
  • Health regulations require that everyone take a cleansing shower using soap before entering the pool or swirl pool areas.
  • Diving is permitted in the deep end of the main/sunshine pools only.
  • Should any injuries occur when at the pool, report it to the lifeguard staff right away.
  • In an emergency, follow the directions of the lifeguard staff right away.
  • For health and safety, please do not go into the pool if you have an illness, head cold, open sores or bandages, or an infection of the ears and/or eyes.
  • The family change rooms are very busy spaces. These rooms are for people with children of the opposite gender and their caregivers, and for people with disabilities. Please ensure that you remove your belongings from these spaces when not in use. 

Aquatic Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience and skills to become a lifeguard or swimming instructor. To volunteer in Delta Aquatics, you must be 13 years of age and have completed the Leaders of Tomorrow (LofT) program and Bronze Cross or hold a Water Safety Instructor Certification. To apply, please fill out an online application form

Potential volunteers will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to book an interview, review your qualifications, and answer any questions you may have. For more information, please contact the Programmer for Volunteers at 604-946-3288 or email