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Development Considerations

There are a number of site conditions and constraints that have implications for development. Visit DeltaMap to confirm if your property is identified as being in a development permit area or needs to be considered for any of the conditions outlined below. Please note that the information provided on DeltaMap is for convenience only and that requirements can be discussed with the Application Centre at cpd@delta.ca or 604-946-3380, unless otherwise noted below.

Property Titles

There may be charges on the title of a property that have implications for its use or redevelopment. Title searches and land title documents must be requested from the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia. You may wish to seek legal advice to understand the implications of the charges on the title of your property.

Steep Slopes

To protect against slope instability for new development, Delta has established development permit areas, a policy and geotechnical requirements. Generally, construction involving slope alteration works such as excavation in steep slope areas is recommended during June 1 to September 30 of each year.  However, the qualified professional (geotechnical consultant) is responsible to specify the conditions of constructability and monitoring protocol to ensure the construction will not negatively impact to slope safety.  Required permits and approvals should be timed to allow for a favorable construction time frame.

Riparian Areas and Oceanfront Properties

The regulation of Delta's waterways as natural habitat, a hazard to development and the use of foreshore and water is interjurisdictional. Delta plays a role in administering the regulations and requirements of higher levels of government. Legislation concerning development near regulated bodies of water that may apply to your project include, but are not limited to, the federal Fisheries Act, provincial Water Sustainability Act and Riparian Areas Regulation, flood protection requirements, Delta's Zoning Bylaw and other city bylaws. See below for further information.   

Agricultural Land

The integrity of Delta's agricultural land is vitally important to our economic, environmental and social sustainability. Delta's regulations and policies for agricultural land reflect strong support for productive agriculture, protection of the Agricultural Land Reserve, conservation of land for soil-based agriculture, and an integrated approach for managing the needs of agriculture, the environment and non-farming stakeholders. Delta's policies for agricultural land are outlined in the:

Heritage Sites

Delta is committed to facilitating and encouraging the conservation and long term viability of community heritage resources. Historic places can include buildings, landscapes, monuments as well as archaeological areas. See below for further information.

Form and Character

Local governments have the authority to establish objectives for the form and character of an area in specified circumstances such as for intensive residential, commercial, or multi-unit residential development. Form and character can include direction related to the streetscape; landscaping; building siting, size, form and design; and signage. Delta has established a number of development permit areas and guidelines related to form and character. See below for more information.


Where soil disturbance is likely, all applications for subdivision, development permit or building permit must be accompanied by a provincial Site Disclosure Statement which is intended to identify the potential of contaminated soil. A submitted Site Disclosure Statement would be reviewed for completeness and if applicable, would be forwarded to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. Please note that if the Ministry's review is required, Delta cannot approve an application until a legal instrument or a release is issued by the Ministry.