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Your Property

A lot of information about properties in Delta including your property is conveniently and centrally provided online. 

  • DeltaMap provides information about zoning and other development-related designations, development permit areas, flood protection, Agricultural Land Reserve, servicing, heritage sites, lot sizes and dimensions, etc. You can also access a copy of the survey plan for your lot. 
  • Visit MyCity to view your business licences, dog licences, and property tax information, plus monitor the status of your single detached residential building permit application. All of this information is protected by your private access code. Under the Property Information tool, see "All Permits and Land Development Applications" for public information about active permits and stop work orders.
  • There may be charges on the title of a property that have implications for its use or redevelopment. Title searches and land title documents must be requested from the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia. For copies of title searches and charges registered on title, please contact a notary or lawyer or visit myLTSA. You may wish to seek legal advice to understand the implications of the charges on the title of your property.

Common Inquiries for Residential Properties

Please note that this information is provided for convenience only and that circumstances may differ by property.  If you would like to confirm details about your property, please inquire through TalkDelta.

Building Plan Copies and Comfort Letter Requests

The Development Department may provide copies of building plans or comfort letters where information and records are available.

Property Addressing

The address for your home or business is assigned by the City to ensure it is properly numbered. A consistent/uniform addressing structure helps emergency services response and prevent delays that may be life threatening, and with easier wayfinding for Canada Post, the general public, and delivery services.