Delta Updates its Electric Vehicle Charging Regulations

The City of Delta recently adopted new regulations for the charging of electric vehicles and electric bicycles for new construction projects. Existing buildings are not required to retrofit to meet these requirements. The regulations, adopted by Council on May 30, 2022, require the following:

  • A minimum of one Level 2 outlet per principal unit for single detached and duplex dwellings. Secondary suites and coach houses are exempt from this requirement.
  • 100% of resident parking spaces in multi‐unit developments to be provided with either a dedicated outlet or charging capacity through load sharing.
  • A minimum of one Level 2 outlet per unit in townhouse developments with individual garages.
  • 100% of resident parking spaces provided with either a dedicated outlet or charging capacity through load sharing in townhouse developments with shared parking garages.
  • Visitor parking is exempt from these requirements.
  • Resident bicycle storage areas shall include a minimum of one electrical outlet for every four required bicycle spaces to facilitate the charging of electric bicycles.
  • 20% of commercial and 5% of industrial parking spaces are to be provided with either a dedicated outlet or charging capacity through load sharing.

To learn more about the new regulations, review Sections 8.5.12 and 8.5.13 of Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 7600, 2017.


Modernizing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure of new development is a key way that Delta can ensure a smooth transition to greater electric vehicle usage. With the passing of the Zero‐Emission Vehicles Act on May 30, 2019, the Province of British Columbia laid the groundwork for a transition to 100 percent of light‐duty vehicles sold or leased being zero‐emission vehicles by 2040. 

As new buildings constructed now will still be in service in 2040, it is critical to provide sufficient charging capacity during the construction process. By proactively introducing enhanced requirements for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, we will help to alleviate the costs and technical challenges that may arise due to necessary future retrofits.


If you have additional questions about the new regulations, please email the Community Planning and Development Department at or call 604-946-3380.