Environmental Permits


Working Around Water

Delta is committed to protecting our waterways which provide habitat for many fish and animals. In Delta, streamside protection and enhancement is accomplished through the application of specific bylaws and programs. Delta's waterways are protected by the Development Permit Area for Streamside Protection and Enhancement (Bylaw No. 6349). All properties in Delta located within 30m of a stream, river, slough, ditch or pond are within the Streamside Protection and Enhancement Development Permit area.

Watercourse Classification System

Delta’s watercourse classification system indicates fish and amphibian presence and provides timing windows for when work can be completed in the watercourse. View a map of the timing schedules for in-stream works.

Most of Delta’s watercourses and lowland ditches are Schedule C – Standard Fish & Amphibian systems (channels within the yellow shaded area that are not red/orange highlighted).  Systems with salmonids (trout & salmon) are coded red on the map and include such creeks like Cougar Creek and Watershed Creek.

Provincial & Federal Requirements

Other legislation concerning streamside areas may apply to your project including, but not limited to, the Federal Fisheries Act, Provincial Water Sustainability Act, flood protection requirements, and municipal zoning and other bylaws.

Information on the Federal permitting requirements for working around water can be found on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans website.  Note: It may take up to 90 days to receive a Fisheries Act Authorization, please plan accordingly. 

Information on the Provincial permitting requirements for working around water and dewatering can be found on the Ministry of Forest, Land & Natural Resource Operations websiteNote: It may take more than 140 days to receive a Water Sustainability Act Approval, please plan accordingly. 

Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver is responsible for the administration, management and control of land and water within its jurisdiction. Port Metro Vancouver typically has authority over property found along the Fraser River and along portions of Roberts Bank. To effectively manage these responsibilities, they administer a Project Review Process. The Project Review Process includes consultation with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

View a map of Port Metro Vancouver’s jurisdiction.

Boundary Bay & Surrounding Areas

Works conducted along the foreshore of Boundary Bay, Westham Island, and Roberts Bank may be subject to Federal review by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans under the Fisheries Act. View more information on the Fisheries Act requirements

Site Disclosure Statements for Contaminated Sites

If the land (or buildings) you own is or was used for a specified  industrial or commercial activity described in the Contaminated Sites Regulation, then provincial law requires that a Site Disclosure Statement  must be submitted to Delta if you are applying for:

  • Subdivision
  • Rezoning
  • Development permits
  • Building permits

The purpose of a Site Disclosure Statement is to identify potentially-contaminated land and require remediation by the responsible persons to standards appropriate for the use of the land. For more information and a copy of the Site Disclosure Statement form, please go to the Government of British Columbia's Ministry of Environment Contaminated Site Identification web page.