Stage 2 Water Restrictions Activated by Metro Vancouver

Starting August 4, 2023, Metro Vancouver is activating Stage 2 Water Restrictions throughout the region. The decision to implement Stage 2 is in response to the region's continued high-water consumption, coupled with the forecasted dry and hot weather.

Key Changes in Stage 2:

  • Lawn watering is prohibited for both residential & non-residential lawns.
  • Topping up aesthetic water features is not allowed.
  • Trees, shrubs and flowers may be watered any day from 5 am to 9 am if using a sprinkler, and on any day at any time if using a hand-held hose with automatic shut-off device.

Failure to comply with the Stage 2 Water Restrictions may result in fines under Delta Water Service Bylaw No. 7441, 2016.

For more information on lawn watering regulations, please visit Metro Vancouver’s website.