Who We Are

The Community Planning and Development Department works together with the community to establish future land use plans and associated strategies, and to foster sustainable growth and development that provides a variety of housing choices, employment opportunities, and amenities for residents and visitors alike. The Department provides advice to Council on a wide range of policy and regulatory bylaws, strategies, and development applications. The Department also provides application services and support, building approvals and inspection services for the public and to developers.

What We Do

The Application Centre provides an efficient and proactive “one stop” customer service for building permits, development applications and general enquiries. The Application Centre tracks building statistics and provides information to the public, other departments and external agencies regarding Delta’s bylaws and policies.

Planning and Development Services prepares Delta’s Official Community Plan, Delta’s Zoning Bylaw, and other regulatory bylaws, as well as various strategies and policies on related topics like housing, heritage, and agriculture.  Staff work closely with the development community, other departments and external agencies, and the public to process rezoning, subdivision and other development applications and make recommendations to Council regarding land development.

The Building Approvals section reviews construction drawings for all types of buildings and structures prior to issuing building permits, conducts inspections, and gives advice on building related matters. Building Approvals works in cooperation with other departments, provincial authorities, and in partnership with the applicants to ensure the design and construction of buildings meet standards for health, safety, fire protection, accessibility, and city zoning.

Doreann Mayhew, General Manager