Fire & Emergency Services

Who We Are

Delta Fire & Emergency Services provides 24-hour emergency response, fire inspection services, public education on fire issues, and emergency planning to Delta’s public, business and community facilities. Delta Fire & Emergency Services consists of the following divisions:

  • Finance, Administration & Training 
  • Operations & Apparatus/Equipment 
  • Protective Services 
  • Emergency Management Office

What We Do

Finance, Administration & Training supplies human resources administration and payroll support for Fire & Emergency Services personnel and supports the Fire Chief, and Delta’s Finance and Human Resources Departments with the annual budget and labour management relations.

Operations & Apparatus/Equipment provides direction, accountability and support to the operations of Delta Fire & Emergency Services, including radio communications and all purchases related to vehicles, equipment and facilities.

Protection Services is responsible for meeting objectives through public education of fire safety and emergency preparedness. This division directs emergency planning and fire prevention, and manages crew inspection of properties in accordance with Delta bylaws and the BC Fire Code, fire investigations, and building pre-planning.

The Emergency Management Office ensures the City is prepared for an emergency or natural disaster. The Office is responsible for organizing emergency preparedness training exercises for City staff, external support agencies, and the public, while supporting and promoting volunteer-based emergency management programs and initiatives. The Office also prepares local businesses for continuity and recovery in the event of an emergency, and works with Delta School District to ensure students are prepared.

Guy McKintuck, Fire Chief