Emergency Social Services

Organization name
City of Delta

Emergency Social Services (ESS) is an emergency response program that provides services that are required to preserve the well-being of people affected by an emergency or disaster. 

Emergency Social Services Responsibilities

Emergency Social Services volunteers assist their communities in many ways, including: 

  • Informing the public of resources available following a disaster
  • Providing for the essential needs of people affected by disaster
  • Creating linkages to first responder agencies
  • Maintaining rapport with local businesses and service agencies
  • Identifying potential reception centre and group lodging sites
  • Exercising emergency response protocol
  • Recruiting and training volunteers

In the event of an emergency disaster, volunteers are responsible for undertaking their own personal preparedness in order to be able to respond quickly and professionally during emergency situations. The first responsibility of an ESS volunteer is their safety and the safety and security of their family. When this has been established, volunteers are responsible for providing emergency human support services. 

Volunteers in Delta's ESS program are responsible for obtaining training in Emergency Social Services. Training is available through the Justice Institute and support organizations in various emergency management topics including Reception Centre Operations, Registration and Referrals, Family Reunification, Disaster Child Care, and more. There are no specific skills required to become a volunteer. However, skills in areas such as volunteer management, interviewing and second languages are considered an asset. 

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. The City of Delta is currently recruiting volunteers into its Emergency Social Services program. A commitment of approximately 2-4 hours/month is required for training and exercises. 

How to apply

Contact Delta's Emergency Social Services and Seniors Resource Coordinator at 604-946-3298 or by email.

Contact information

For more information about becoming an ESS volunteer, please contact Delta's Emergency Social Services and Seniors Resource Coordinator at 604-946-3298 or by email.