On Saturday, October 15, 2022, Delta residents will vote to elect 1 mayor, 6 councillors, and 7 school trustees. Once elected, the mayor, city councillors and school trustees (School District No. 37) will serve a four-year term.  To learn more about elected roles, visit the Candidates page.

2022 General Local Elections Voting Opportunities

Am I on the Delta Voters List?

Check the Delta Voters List to see if you are registered to vote.


If you are on the Voters List, a voter card will be mailed to you.

If you are not on the Voters List, you can register at the time of voting

Tsawwassen First Nation

Tsawwassen First Nation Residents and Non-Resident Property Electors are eligible to vote in the General Local Elections for the Office of the School Trustee for the Delta Board of Education. Tsawwassen First Nation is not within the boundaries of the City of Delta; therefore, residents of Tsawwassen First Nation are not eligible to vote for the Offices of Mayor and Councillor. 

Can I Vote?

To be eligible to vote as a resident elector or non-resident property elector in the City of Delta, you must meet the following requirements at the time of voting:

ID Requirements

To register to vote in person at the time of voting, two pieces of acceptable identification are required to prove your identity, and to prove your residence. At least one piece of ID must include your signature.