Election Staff

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In the coming months, the City of Delta will be accepting applications to work the 2022 General Local Elections for the office of mayor, city councillor and school trustee.  We are looking for individuals who enjoy working with people, have a keen eye for detail, and strong customer service skills. A strong command of English and computer skills are required. If you want to contribute your skills to serve democracy in Delta, we invite you to apply.

Election Staff Qualifications

The City of Delta offers a variety of unique opportunities to participate in the 2022 General Local Elections.  

All Election staff must:

  • be 18 years of age or older and legally entitled to work in British Columbia;
  • have excellent English literacy and language skills (other languages an asset);
  • successfully complete a criminal record check;
  • attend mandatory pre-election training sessions;
  • not be related to any candidate running for office in the 2022 Delta General Local Elections, not be actively working for any candidate or election campaign, and not become to be a candidate, candidate representative, or financial agenda; and
  • be available to work from 7:00 a.m. until the end of voting, clean-up and delivery of materials to Elections headquarters on general voting day and/or an advance voting opportunity.
Presiding Election Official

A Presiding Election Official (PEO) is responsible for overseeing and supervising staff at an assigned voting place for a minimum of one advanced voting opportunity and on General Election Day. The PEO is responsible for ensuring voting procedures are followed corrects, voting places are safe and accessible, and results are reported to the Chief Election Officer at the end of the voting day. The PEO must be able to problem solve and manage issues related to voters, media, scrutineers and election officials in their assigned location.

Alternate Presiding Election Official

An Alternate Presiding Election Official (APEO) directly assists the Presiding Election Official, and in the event of the PEO’s absence, the APEO assumes the duties and responsibility of the PEO. The APEO assists with the setup of the voting location, voter registration, and the proper conduct of the voting place.

Election Official

An Election Official (EO) assists and supports the administration of voting at an assigned voting place. The EO may be assigned one or more roles as a Registration Clerk, List Clerk, and/or Machine Attendant.


The Rover serves as a ‘roving election official’ and is responsible for delivering extra supplies to voting locations and inspecting the exterior of voting places to ensure that election material is not displayed within 100 meters of the voting place.