Public Hearings

A Public Hearing is a meeting of City Council that is held to provide an opportunity for members of the public to share their views with Council if they feel that their interest on land use applications such as zoning amendments and official community plan amendments is affected. 

The items for consideration at a Public Hearing are published by way of a notice in the Delta Optimist and North Delta Reporter.  The items are also published on the City's website in advance of the Public Hearing.

Upcoming Public Hearings

Information about upcoming Public Hearings is provided below.

The next Public Hearing is scheduled for Monday, December 12, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Participate in the Public Hearing Process

To ensure the principles of openness, transparency, accessibility and accountability are met, Council proceedings, including Regular Council Meetings and Public Hearings, can be viewed live on the City of Delta website.

The City of Delta continues to encourage public participation by electronic means during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist in limiting contact with others.

If attending in person, members of the public must comply with current Public Health Orders.  

The Public Hearing is open to all members of the public.  If you believe that you are affected by a proposed land use application, you may participate in the Public Hearing process by submitting written comments, either by mail or by email, by attending in person, or by registering to participate virtually by phone or videoconference.  A five-minute time limit is in effect for people who wish to speak at a Public Hearing.

Have a General Inquiry?

If you have a general inquiry regarding an application or if you would like assistance to inspect any relevant materials, please contact the Community Planning and Development Department by email at or by phone at 604-946-3380.