A snowy roadway

Snow & Ice Preparedness

Keep Updated about Winter Conditions

Call Delta's winter road conditions hotline 604-952-3820. The message on this phone line is updated every four hours during a snow/ice event. 

To report a snow/ice concern, submit a Talk to Delta form, or phone 604-946-4141.

    Delta's Snow and Ice Response

    During snow and ice conditions, Delta's crews are prepared and ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff monitor the weather forecast and Delta's roads for hazardous conditions. The map below shows First Priority routes in red and Second Priority routes in green.

    Roads are cleared based on the following priorities:

    • First Priority
      Public transit routes, major collectors, select school access roadways and some roads in hilly areas. Pre-wetting, salting, sanding and snowplowing are carried out as long as poor conditions exist.

      First Priority Routes are maintained until conditions are under control. Only then are resources redirected onto lower priority routes. As soon as conditions deteriorate on these routes, our resources are moved back to first priority routes.

    • Second Priority
      Secondary through roads in residential areas, select rural roads, and school routes.
    • Other
      Minor residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Work is carried out after First and Second priority routes have been cleared, on a site specific basis, usually at the request of the residents and normally after inspection by a supervisor.

    Your Role as a Business or Resident

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