Homes and development

Plans, Bylaws & Strategies

In consultation with the community, Delta has adopted and continues to develop policies and regulations that foster sustainable growth and development that provides a variety of housing choices, employment opportunities, and amenities for residents and visitors alike. Delta's policies and regulations are intended to address significant community issues including affordable housing, heritage, agriculture and climate change.

Official Community Plan & Regional Growth Statement

Delta's Official Community Plan (OCP) contains long-term objectives and policies that guide decision-making regarding land use, development, services, amenities and infrastructure. The OCP also establishes development permit areas and heritage conservation areas.

Delta's OCP is guided by Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy which represents a collective vision for the region related to housing and development, the local economy, environment and transportation infrastructure.

Zoning Bylaw & Land Use Regulations

  • The Zoning Bylaw establishes different zones for agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial areas. A zoning bylaw is a tool that defines how land may be used or developed. Regulations in a zone limit the uses, density, size, height and location of buildings on a property.
  • The Building and Plumbing Bylaw applies to the construction and occupancy of new buildings and to the alteration, demolition and occupancy of existing buildings. Building and Plumbing permits ensure that buildings are safe, liveable, accessible and sustainable.
  • The Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw sets out the requirements for the works and services required to support the subdivision or development of land. Developers install required improvements at their expense. Improvements can include: new or upgraded service connections, sidewalks, streetlights, roads, crosswalks, or increasing capacity of Delta's water, sewer or storm infrastructure.  
  • The Development Cost Charges Bylaw enables the City to collect fees from developers to help offset the costs associated with new development. The charges help finance: roads, drainage, sewer and water projects and parkland acquisition. Not-for-profit housing developments may be eligible for a waiver of Delta's DCCs. See Delta's DCC Waiver Bylaw for more information.
  • The Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw regulates the cutting of trees in Delta and establishes requirements for tree replacement.
  • The Sign Bylaw establishes rules for the placement of signs on a property or building in Delta. This bylaw regulates the size, shape, height and location of signs.

Strategies & Policies

  • The Agricultural Plan is a strategy to support agriculture and integrate the sector more closely with the community.
  • The Heritage Strategy provides the community with an effective, sustainable and realistic plan to encourage the conservation and long-term viability of community heritage resources.
  • The Housing Action Plan (adopted by Council on November 8, 2021) will provide strategies and actions to address Delta's current and future housing needs.
  • The Parks, Recreation & Culture Amenity Contributions Policy applies a reasonable, predictable and transparent approach to obtaining contributions from new development for community amenities in Delta.
  • The South Delta Business Sustainability Strategy is a detailed report that sets an action plan for business leadership organizations, business owners, commercial property owners, and the City of Delta to pursue the long-term viability of the South Delta business community in the light of large commercial developments including Tsawwassen Mills and Tsawwassen Commons on Tsawwassen First Nation land.

The City of Delta's Foundation For the Future

Since the 2018 election, Council has undertaken many new initiatives and projects, pursued important issues, and made strategic investments in the community. In the context of this work, key areas of focus have emerged through Council’s leadership. These include climate change and the environment, housing, social issues, recreation for Delta families, supporting the local economy, and fostering a great sense of community throughout the City.

All of these areas of focus are addressed under overarching core values. View the City of Delta's Foundation for the Future

Neighbourhood-level & Area Planning

Delta has adopted area plans for Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta as part of the OCP. There are also neighbourhood-level plans or concepts for the following areas: