City of Delta Receives Grant to Study Enhancement of Agricultural Water Security

The City of Delta proudly announces it has been successful in obtaining a $135,000 grant through the Food Security Emergency Planning and Preparedness ProgramThis funding will initiate a crucial study for a second irrigation intake location in Delta to support agriculture.

This program, funded by the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food and delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation, aims to fortify the agriculture sector's preparedness for emergency events, focusing on proactive planning for food security and agriculture resiliency. This initiative aligns with the City’s commitment to bolstering sustainable agriculture by ensuring reliable irrigation water for farming.

With the Fraser River freshet occurring earlier in the year, faster snowpack melt, and rising sea levels pushing more saline water towards Delta’s only irrigation intake at Tasker Pump Station, this funding will allow Delta to study an ideal location for a second irrigation intake from the Fraser River.

“Climate-related emergencies like flood and drought pose a threat to the region’s food production which is why the B.C. government is supporting both farmers and communities plan and prepare for these events,” said Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food. “This project is a great example of the proactive work that can be undertaken to ensure Delta keeps producing a sustainable supply of food into the future.” 
Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food

“This funding represents a significant step forward in enhancing Delta's agricultural resilience for our thriving farming community. With climate change challenges such as the Fraser River freshet and rising sea levels impacting our irrigation systems, this project is crucial for water sustainability. By proactively addressing these challenges, we are committed to supporting the long-term needs of our agricultural sector.”
- Mayor George V. Harvie

Delta will be preparing to retain a consultant through an RFP process by this summer with the study anticipated to be complete in 2025. This initiative will explore options to increase the supply of irrigation water for local agriculture with new water infrastructure, helping ensure the continued success of Delta’s local farming community and reinforcing food security in our region.

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