Marcus & India

Marcus and India - kittens for adoption
Black and White

Marcus and India are a bonded pair of kittens who have spent most of their lives in one of our amazing foster homes. Marcus was part of a large litter of kittens and India came in all by herself but was semi-feral and was not doing well at the shelter. We made the decision to add India to Marcus’ family of siblings hoping she would gain some confidence and realize that housecat life wasn’t so bad. 

It didn’t take long for India to become one of the group but she can still be quite shy at first and takes time to bond to her human family members. Once she’s comfortable with her people she is quite loving and it isn’t hard to fall in love with her gorgeous amber eyes.

Marcus was initially a bit shy as a kitten but has grown into a confident “teenage” cat who has taken India under his wing, his little nose freckles always made him stand out amongst his siblings.

Marcus is harness trained and enjoyed going outside to explore the backyard with his foster parents in the summer. India hasn’t quite made it into a harness but she’s always been very interested and may be confident enough next spring to try her hand at going for “walks” on leash. 

Marcus and India are making leaps and bounds in their socialization but we do feel an indoor only, cat experienced home with no children (or older children) would be best to allow India in particular to thrive. Despite their slightly older age, India and Marcus are still mischievous kittens who love to play and race around the house!

Note: Marcus and India both don’t travel well and struggle with going to the vet so an understanding owner who is willing to provide them with some oral sedation before scary events will be important. 

If this adorable duo sounds like they could be the right match for you, contact the shelter today for more information!