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Delta has two municipal cemeteries: North Delta Cemetery and Boundary Bay Cemetery.  Both cemeteries are managed by Delta staff, and on-site interments are coordinated through the Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture department by the Cemetery Administrator.  Services include in-ground (full burial and cremation) and above ground (Niche Wall and Scatter Garden) services. Scatter Garden service is available at Boundary Bay Cemetery only.

Note:  Interment services are purchased at time of need only.

View Delta Cemetery Regulation Bylaw and for more information regarding rates and marker sizes. 

Download Cemetery Brochure


Call 604-952-3176 for assistance regarding Delta’s cemetery services.  To ensure your needs will be met, please give the Cemetery Administrator two business-days' notice to prepare for the interment.

Cemetery Hours

Cemetery Hours The cemetery is open to the public from 8:30 am each morning until the earlier of 8 pm or one hour before dusk each evening. No person or vehicle is permitted within the cemetery during hours of public closure unless operated by the Cemeterian.

Interment Options

Above-ground and in-ground are available.

Marker Permits

With the exception of Memorial Wall and Niche Wall plaques, the City of Delta does not manufacture or sell markers; however, a Marker Permit is required prior to the installation of a marker at either cemetery.  Permit Fees are dependent on marker size.  Please contact our Cemetery Administrator at 604-952-3176 for further information, or please refer to the Delta Cemetery Services brochure.


COVID-19 Rules and Regulations

The City of Delta (Delta), as the owner of the lands where cemetery services take place, adheres to the rules and regulations under the Public Health Act for gatherings and events.  A limit of 50 persons, including the officiator and/or clergy is allowed at gravesite gatherings. Social distancing of 2 metres is required by all attendees unless in the same party (i.e. reside in the same household).  Organizers of all cemetery gatherings must have hand sanitizer available and provide face masks to all persons attending their event in situations where social distancing of at least 2 metres cannot be maintained.  Organizers must also provide to Delta a Cemetery Service Attendee Register.

For more information on recent cemetery improvements, please refer to the July 11, 2017 report approved by Council.


For information on interment services options, please call the Cemetery Administrator at 604-952-3176 or email